The Best Cleaning Advice For Commercial Refrigeration

If you have a commercial refrigerator, you need to clean it regularly without damaging it. Keeping your refrigeration equipment clean and in good working condition will help it last for many years to come. Here are some useful commercial refrigeration cleaning tips you can follow to get the most usage from your refrigeration equipment.

  1. Turn off the electricity and remove everything in the fridge before you start cleaning.
  2. Choose the right cleaning chemicals for your commercial refrigerator. Depending on the model and material used to manufacture your refrigerator, find the right chemicals that will not cause a reaction. Also, don’t use scented chemicals since they might interfere with the food stored in there.
  3. Clean everything in the refrigerator, from the inside, outside and don’t forget the seals. You should remove the shelves, if possible, floor protectors, runners and wipe down everything carefully once you’re done. Restore everything back into place once you’re done for the best results. Cleaning your refrigeration equipment is something you should place a good deal of importance on.
  4. Clean the condenser filter. Note that, commercial fridges and freezers work tirelessly to determine the right temperature. The doors are opened constantly and there might be air filled with steam, grease and dust. All these are likely to obstruct proper air flow to the condenser. To prevent any damage, the filter in the condenser prevents the contaminants from getting into the delicate components. Therefore, you need to clean it regularly to prevent clogging forcing the entire freezer to stop working. Eventually, you will be forced to cough up a lot of money to repair it.
  5. Make sure everything is completely dry before putting it back after. Don’t let your commercial freezer air dry because it might cause some issues. Note that, any chemicals or water left to air dry will most likely cause discoloration of the metalwork or the stainless steel. If you leave any water in the seals, it will cause rotting and will bring about mold and bacteria.

Once you’re done cleaning, don’t forget to power up your commercial freezer.  The last thing you want to do is spoil a bunch of fresh food by forgetting to power up after cleaning.  If possible, plug in and let it cool before putting your food back in.

Shopping for commercial refrigeration is not something you want to be doing very often. Follow the steps above to ensure your fridge works well for a long time.